Organisieren Sie die Aktentasche Ihres Chefs für die Reise

Organize your boss’s briefcase for the road

Wenn Ihr Chef viel Zeit unterwegs verbringt, sollten Sie für ihn ein Mini-Office für seine Aktentasche einrichten. So kann er Wartezeiten sinnvoll nutzen.

  • Post-It Notes
  • a mini stapler
  • some company letterheads forcreating documents on the road
  • a file folder for each meeting 
  • a small card with all important telephone numbers
  • a spare charger for his mobile phone
  • an envelope for receipts


  • files labeled
  •     action (for things he must take action on as soon as he gets back)
  •     call (for telephone calls he should make)
  •     discuss (for documents he needs to discuss with people when he gets back)
  •     quick reference (with information clients often request like important facts and figures)


Make sure the plug of his laptop and mobile phone charger will fit in the sockets of the country he is travelling to. If you’re not sure, get him an international adapter.


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