Helfen Sie Ihrem Chef beim Packen für die USA-Reise

Help your boss “pack smart” for the USA – 10 tips

Helfen Sie Ihren Chef, sein Gepäck für die nächste USA-Reise gut vorzubereiten. Geben Sie ihm die folgenden 10 Tipps, und warnen Sie ihn davor, sich darüber lustig zu machen!

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, regulations for passengers travelling to the USA have been tightened.  To help visitors get through immigration in the shortest possible time, the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) has issued tips on how to “pack smart”.

This applies to suitcases (checked baggage) and the two pieces of carry-on baggage  each passenger is allowed.

The tips are not only useful for USA trips but for all flights. Here’s how to pack smart:

  1. Before packing, check with the airport that your carry-on baggage will fit into the x-ray machine for your flight.
  2. Tape a business card or other piece of identification beneath your laptop to avoid loss or accidental ‘exchange’ by travellers.
  3. Don’t put prohibited items like knives, manicure sets and nail-clippers or cigarette lighters into carry-on baggage.
  4. Don’t lock checked baggage, or use a TSA “accepted and recognized” lock.
  5. Don’t put film in your checked baggage as the screening equipment will damage it.
  6. Pack shoes on top of other contents in your suitcase.
  7. Don’t over-pack your bags to  prevent articles spilling out if they are opened for inspection.
  8. Don’t put food and drink in checked baggage.
  9. Don’t stack books or documents on top of each other; spread them out.
  10. Don’t wrap gifts as they may need to be opened for inspection.

Don’t make jokes when you are being checked at the airport. The officials take their job very seriously. Travellers have sometimes been held for hours for making fun of immigration procedures.

For more details, including a comprehensive list of prohibited items, go to www.tsa.gov/public/display?theme=176.


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