9 Tipps: So sparen Sie bis zu 20% Reisekosten Ihres Chefs

Nine ways to cut travel expenses for your boss by 20%

Ärgert sich Ihr Chef über hohe Reisekosten? Übernehmen Sie die Initiative und zeigen Sie ihm, wie Sie die Reisekosten bis zu 20 % senken können.

1 Is the trip really necessary?

Can you arrange a conference call instead?

2 Do you use the web?

Find the cheapest flights at www.expedia.de.

3 Do you book early?

Use low-cost carriers, and save huge amounts by booking early.  

4 Are you flexible about dates?

Early morning flights on low-cost carriers are usually much cheaper than evening ones.

5 Do you book rental cars online?

Costs for rental cars are oftenmuch lower if you book online.

6 Do you need extra insurance?

Car hire firms offer extra insurance. Check your company insurance and credit card company plan toavoid duplicating any coverage you already have.

7 Is there a free shuttle?

If your boss is going to a convention or trade fair , check if there is a free shuttle to and from the airport and hotel.

8 If you work with a travel agent

Work out special rates with your travel agent. To encourage them to make the most  reasonable arrangements, offer them something like 10% of the money they save you.

9 Are travel expenses booked, checked and paid centrally?

This is the best way to get a reliable overview of costs.


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