Zeitmanagement: 3 Tipps um die spärliche Zeit optimal zu nutzen

Three ways make the best use of spare moments

Hätten Sie gerne mehr Zeit? Mit diesen drei Tipps können Sie zwar keine Zeit dazu gewinnen, aber Sie können die kostbaren Minuten optimal ausnutzen.

The days fly by and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Learn how to save – or use – precious minutes in your day with these easy tips.


1 Do small tasks

Keep a file of non-urgent tasks that you can do while you are waiting for meetings to start or for an important phone call, etc. These could include proofreading an important document, updating an address list or tidying up your emails.


2 Tidy your desk

If you have things parked on your desk ‘just for now’, use spare moments to put them where they really belong.


3 Use spare time to relax

If you are put on hold during a telephone call, take the opportunity to relax. Instead of getting impatient and drumming your fingers on the desk, sit back, breathe in and out slowly and enjoy the unexpected break.



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