Welcher Arbeits-Typ sind Sie?

Quiz – Are you a busy bee, a go-getter or a desk potato?

Arbeiten Sie, um zu leben, oder leben Sie, um zu arbeiten? Oder bewegen Sie sich in dem gesunden Bereich zwischen den zwei Extremen? Finden Sie es mit diesem kurzen Quiz heraus.


Discover your work-style with this short quiz. It will show you whether you are over-active or whether you need to get yourself moving a bit more.


Which of these statements apply to you? Tick ‘true’ if you agree with them.


1. I can often see where something is going wrong but it’s up to my boss to find solutions to problems.
2. I can do many tasks at the same time.
3. I like routine and established procedures.
4. I strictly follow my ‘to do’ list.
5. I tend to panic when I have too much work to do.
6. I always meet my deadlines.
7. I know what the company’s customers want.
8. I prefer a boss who is an authority figure, not a partner.
9. I seldom ask other people for help.
10. I find it difficult to say ‘no’.
11. I find time for my family, friends and outside interests.
12. I regularly ask my boss for feed-back.


Give yourself an ‘A’ for each of the following questions you answered with ‘true’: 1, 3, 4, 8.
Give yourself a ‘B’ for each of the following questions you answered with ‘true’: 2, 5, 9, 10.
Give yourself a ‘C’ for each of the following questions you answered with ‘true’: 6, 7, 11, 12.


If you got mostly As, you are the desk potato.

You probably see your job essentially as a way to earn money. You get your work done, but experience little personal satisfaction from it.

You see your boss as a figure of authority with decision-making power and control.

To get more job satisfaction, think about your career path, or even think if this is really the right job for you.


Mostly Bs means you are a busy bee.

You derive great satisfaction from consistently adding things to your ‘to do’ list. You are always busy and sometimes wonder why other people don’t work as much as you. Whenever someone asks you to do something you say ‘yes’ because you are proud that you can do it. You don’t ask for help as you think this is a sign of incompetence.

You may be making yourself unpopular by always showing how much you are working. Instead of griping with your co-workers, ask them if they can help you. And find time for your friends and family or you’ll become unpopular with them, too.


Mostly Cs is the go-getter.

You know your own value and your value to your boss. You make important contributions to your company. You know how impor-tant it is to build trusting relationships with others. You like what you do, and people probably like you.


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