Verfügen Sie über ausreichen IMPACT um eine Top-Sekretärin zu sein?

Do you have enough IMPACT to be a successful executive assistant?

Sechs lebensnotwendige Fertigkeiten braucht die Top-Sekretärin von heute, sagt eine New Yorker Unternehmensberaterin. Überprüfen Sie, ob Sie über ausreichent IMPACT verfügen. 

There are over three million secretaries / administrative assistants in the United States, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But what does it take to be a successful and sought-after executive assistant?

The answer, according to New York consultant Melba Duncan, is a mixture of technological know-how, interpersonal skills and adaptability. Together, they give you the impact you need to succeed.



Information expertise – Managing the latest information technology, plus prioritizing information for your boss.


Maturity – Leaving your ego at the door, not taking things too personally and not gossiping.


Political Skills – The ability to get on with office politics, which means getting on with others throughout the organisation.


Adaptability – Being able to adapt yourself to changes in technology, organizational structures, management styles, and markets. In other words to
become a ‘generalist’.


Communication – The ability to communicate with everyone in the office and to get a point across to key players quickly and concisely, often in high-pressure situations.


Taking the initiative – Knowing when it is essential to assume a more direct role. Knowing when to act decisively – and when not to.



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