Unterscheiden Sie zwischen wichtig und dringend

Increase your job satisfaction by choosing between important and urgent

Wenn eine Aufgabe dringend ist, muss sie auch wichtig sein, oder? Lesen Sie, warum es wichtig ist zwischen dringend und wichtig zu unterscheiden.


For many of us – including most bosses – urgent and important are one and the same thing. If a task is urgent, it must be important. At le- ast that what it looks like on the surface.

In reality, ‘the urgent’ is sometimes only masquerading as ‘the important’. And if you spend all your time doing urgent tasks, you might miss out the really important ones. Your job satisfaction will suffer and you will become less efficient.

But how can you tell what is urgent and what is important? The key to finding out is to think about the true priority of a task:

● Is it really necessary?

● What will happen if you don’t do it immediately?

● What will happen if you don’t do it at all?

If nothing bad will happen to you or your company if you don’t do something immediately, then it might be important but not urgent. This could be something like buy- ing new computers.

We usually tackle urgent jobs first. It is gratifying to get them out of the way. But it’s often at the ex- pense of the things that really count – like organising your workspace, developing your computer skills, improving relationships with your co-workers. You might not have to jump up and do these things right away, but they form the basis of how you function. They give you job satisfaction and help you work efficiently, so you can do all those urgent tasks properly.


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