Tipps zur Vermeidung von Zeitfallen

Tips for avoiding the 3 worst time thieves

Viele Sekretärinnen arbeiten unter enormem Zeitdruck. Da bleibt für Organisation kaum Zeit übrig. Doch gerade wenn die Zeit knapp ist, sollten Sie sich die Zeit nehmen, Ihre Arbeit gut zu strukturieren. Prüfen Sie doch einmal, ob Sie in einer dieser Zeitfallen stecken.



Time thief no. 1 – unrealistic planning

Most evenings, you haven’t got through half the points on your to-do list, no matter how hard you worked.


What you can do

Restrict your list to items you really have to do that day. Leave a quarter of the day open for emergencies.

Time thief no. 2 – miscalculation

You plan your day well but, even if you’re not disturbed, your tasks take longer than you calculated.


What you can do

Observe yourself for three days. Note down the time you planned and how much you actually needed. You’ll be able to calculate more accurately in future.

Time thief no. 3 – you can’t say “no”

Not being able to say “no” is a common personality trait of secretaries and PAs. It’s nice to be needed, but not to be used.


What you can do

Learn to say “no”. Ask yourself, “Do I have to do this? And if I don’t, do I want to do it?” If the answer to both questions is no, then say “no” politely but


How to say “no” diplomatically but firmly

Show you understand why you were asked, and try to help find a solution. “I would be glad to help you if I didn’t have so much to do. Perhaps Anne or Andrea will be able to help you.” The situation can be difficult if you have more than one boss.

“If I didn’t have so much on my plate right now, I’d love to help you. As it is, I have too much work that I can’t postpone.”

If this boss is still not happy, ask him or her to go through your list of tasks with you and set priorities together with your other bosses.


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