Test: Wie gut ist Ihr Zeitmanagement?

Test yourself: How good is your time management?

Einer der häufigsten Fehler, die in der Zeitplanung gemacht werden, ist die ungenaue Zuordnung von Prioritäten. Wie professionell gehen Sie mit Ihren Zeitressourcen um? Denn damit kontrollieren Sie Ihre Zeit.
Finden Sie es mit diesem Test heraus.

How good is your time management? Do you have enough time to get through your daily work, or are you always running late? Time is a resource, and if you manage it well, you will have enough. But if you don’t manage it, you won’t.


Read the following statements and decide how true they are for you.
Read the comments and decidewhere you can improve your time management system.

always true
almost never
1. I keep beinginterrupted by telephone calls. A lot of them are unimportant. 
2. There are always a lot of visitors and co-workers in my office distracting me from my work. 
3. I have to go to a lot of meetings. The results are not really relevant to my work. 
4. I put off doing complicated or difficult tasks or I don’t get them finished because something keeps coming up. 
5. I have to do a lot of different things at the same time and don’t get them all finished on schedule. 
6. I have lots of little tasks to do and I don’t have enough time for the important ones. 
7 . I have a lot of things that I need to work on on my desk. I sometimes lose track of what is there. 
8. I find it difficult to say no when people ask me for help, even though I don’t really have time. 
9. I’m unhappy about the way my boss and I communicate.
There is never enough time and sometimes I don’t hear about things until it’s too late.
10. I have set myself professional and private goals, but often lose track of them because of work pressure. 

Add your points together.


Your results

Give yourself 1 point for almost always true, 2 for often true, 3 for sometimes true and 4 for almost never true.

10 – 17 points You do not have much control over your time. Learn to say no, put your telephone on voicemail, and keep your office door closed when you don’t want to be disturbed. You need to plan your day more carefully. Think how good you’ll feel when you get everything done!

18 – 25 points You try to organise your time, but you are not doing it seriously enough. Plan your day more carefully – and stick to your plan.

26 – 32 points Your time management is good. But there is still room for improvement. Look at the weak points and think what you can change.

33 – 40 points  Congratulations! If you answered all the questions honestly (and of course you did!) you are a good example for anyone wanting to learn about time management. Have you considered passing  your skill on to younger, lessexperienced colleagues?


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