Sparen Sie Zeit mit einem Superbuch

Save time with a Superbook

Wie sieht Ihr Notizmanagement aus? Ein wildes Durcheinander von Zettelchen, To-Do Listen und Post-its®?
Versuchen Sie es doch mit einem Superbuch, in dem Sie alles – angefangen bei A wie “Address list“ bis Z wie “ZIP codes” – notieren.

Where do you jot down appointments, tasks, telephone numbers or other information? You probably use a Filofax® or the calendar in your computer. In addition, you probably use various slips of paper, to-do lists, post-it notes or even the margins of documents. You might know where all those important notes are, but bits of paper often get thrown away, and important addresses and telephone numbers can  end up in the wastepaper basket, either because you think you won’t need them again or because you overlook them on the back of an envelope or a letter. Later, you spend hours looking for a note or a telephone number and lose a lot of time searching.


Put it all in one book

The answer to the problem is to put everything in one book – a so-called “superbook”. A superbook is nothing other than a  hardback notebook, A4 or A5, that you use to jot down everything you have to do or don’t want to forget during your working day: telephone numbers, names, addresses, tasks, ideas for a meeting or summer party.

Structure your superbook

Your book should have a margin on the left. If it doesn’t, make one with a ruler. Number the pages and write the date at the top of the first page. At the end of each day, draw a line and write the date of the next working day in the margin under the line.

Use the margin on the left for abbreviations, for example “tel” or “info”. Put stars or exclamation marks next to high priority items. Mark items with different colours, for example, use yellow text markers for telephone numbers, blue ones for ideas.

This will make it easier for you to locate specific data later on. When you have done the tasks, cross them out. When all the tasks on one page have been completed, make a diagonal line across the page.


Combine the superbook with Post-its®

If you like using Post-its, combine them with your superbook. Stick all the Post-its you need to act on on the right side of the superbookand move them to the left as soon as you have completed the task.


Save time searching

If you waste one hour a day, five days a week, at the end of the year (with six weeks off for vacation and an average of five public holidays) you’ll have wasted more than 27 working days, or almost one and a half months searching for things!

You can’t add hours to your day, but you can decrease the amount of time you spend searching for lost items by keeping everything in one place – in your superbook.


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