So sorgen Sie dafür, dass sich Ihre (Messe-)Gäste wohl fühlen

Als Sekretärin können Sie viel dazu beitragen, dass der Messeauftritt Ihrer Firma erfolgreich wird. Lesen Sie hier, wie Sie dafür sorgen können, dass Ihre Gäste sich wohl fühlen.

People visit trade fairs to get detailed information about products or services. They expect your booth staff to be knowledgeable.

Attending a trade fair or exhibition costs your business a  ot of time and money.

When you are involved in organising  the stand, use these tips to make sure your company gets the maximum return on investment from the event. As a secretary, there is a lot you can do to make sure the trade fair is a success for your company.

Lists are an integral part of planning in all kinds of business. They are especially important when planning a trade fair. Keep all your lists together in one file on your computer. Keep printouts of all your lists in a specia  folder on your desk.

Ten tips to guarantee your stand is a success

1 Find out the earliest date or time you can set up your stand and get there early.

2 Check that all the equipment works before you go ‘live’.

3 Make a badge for everyone on your stand stating who they are and the name of your company.

4 Brief staff thoroughly so they know exactly what they are doing.

5 Avoid talking to co-workers when you have nothing to do, so visitors do not have to interrupt you with their queries.

6 Pay attention to your body language – don’t stand with your arms folded across your chest. 

7 Don’t talk on the phone when you are in the booth.

8 Take breaks away from the stand so you don’t have to eat while you are on duty.

9 Have a system for noting down visitors’ details.

10 When you hand out promotional material, highlight points of interest.

Checklist for your booth

Here  is  an  example of  a  list with items you need on your booth.

  • petty cash  
  • stamps  
  • press information  
  • promotion material  
  • list of important telephone
  • numbers 
  • rubbish bin and bin liners  
  • first-aid kit  
  • aspirin  
  • paper handkerchiefs  
  • basic cleaning material  
  • paper towels  
  • umbrellas  
  • pocket calculator  
  • screwdriver and hammer  
  • sewing kit  


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