So lösen Sie unangenehme Aufgaben schnell und unkompliziert

How to complete unpleasant tasks in record time

Die Ablage stapelt sich seit Tagen, Sie müssen eine Excel-Tabelle anfertigen oder einen langen Bericht  verfassen. So schaffen Sie zukünftig unangenehme Aufgaben schnell vom Tisch.

Putting off unpleasant tasks is not a sign of laziness. On the contrary. We often go out of our way to find other jobs to do when we should be writing a complicated report or doing the filing. We end up having to work late to finish projects on time.

These tips will help you get unpleasant tasks done on time.


1 Break one big task down into a number of smaller ones

For example, take the big pile of filing on your desk and divide it into five or six smaller piles. Tackle them one after another.


2 Set a time limit

Assign yourself a small-scale deadline and stick to it. The more time we have for a project, the more we need. Giving yourself only a little time will make you work faster.


3 Start with the easiest

Start with the easiest aspect of a difficult topic. You might be finding it hard to write the introduction to a report. Start with the main body and write the introduction last.


4 Eliminate distractions

Go offline so you don’t receive any emails. Close your office door to discourage people from calling in on you.


5 Reward yourself

When you’ve finished what you set out to do, reward yourself by doing something you really enjoy.


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