So kennen Sie die Tageszeiten der USA

Ein Geschäftspartner bittet Ihren Chef, um 9 Uhr EST anzurufen. Ein anderer meldet ein wichtiges Gespräch für 4.30 pm PDT an. Das klingt vielleicht verwirrend, ist aber ganz einfach. So finden Sie heraus, wann Sie anrufen sollen oder angerufen werden.

We all know that our American business associates are ‘behind’ us, but the time difference can be anything between five and 11 hours.

The USA has six time zones. In four of them, there is also ‘Daylight Saving Time’, which means the clocks go back one hour . If you are asked to call someone at 10.30 am CET or be ready to take a call at 11 am, PDT, don’t panic.

Use this table to work out what time you should be heading for the telephone. It shows you the difference between US Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time and Central European Time, (CET).


Standard Timedifference to CET
Daylight Saving
to CET
 5 hours  
EST6 hoursEDT5 hours
CST7 hoursCDT6 hours
MST8 hoursMDT7 hours
PST9 hoursPDT8 hours
 10 hours  
 11 hours 

In most, but not all, of the United States Daylight Saving Time began at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March. In most cases, it will revert to Standard Time on the first Sunday in November.


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