Kennen Sie Ihren Bürobedarf auch auf Englisch?

How to talk about stationery supplies in English

Schreibwaren gehören zum Ihrem Büroinventar. Kennen Sie die Begriffe für die Dinge, die Sie täglich benutzen? Fügen Sie den Begriff und die passende Beschreibung zusammen.

Stationery is an integral part of your everyday office life. Find out whether you know the English words for the items you use so regularly. Match the following descriptions with the corrects words.


1. A company that sells office supplies.a index flags
2. This type of paper is made from waste fibres.b stationer
3. You put folded letters in these in order to post them.c notepad
4. You put these on the edges of pages so you can find
a certain page immediately.
d stapler
5. You can use one of these if you are sending something like a catalogue where you don’t need
to write a letter.
e recycled
6. If you want to make copies that can be shown on an overhead projector you need these.f letterhead
7 . This is printed at the top of a business letter.g staple
8. You need this to jot down notes, dates, times, etc.h compliments slip
9. This is made of bent wire or plastic and you use it to attach pieces of paper together.i hole punch
10. This is pushed through pieces of paper to hold them together.j transparencies
11. a device for fastening pieces of paper together.k paper clip
12. you use this to make holes in paper so you can file them
l envelopes


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Answers: 1 - b, 2 – e, 3 – l, 4 – a, 5 – h, 6 – j, 7 – f, 8 – c, 9 – k, 10 – g,11 – d, 12 – i