Kennen Sie die amerikanischen Maßeinheiten?

Do you know how long a foot is?

Die USA bleiben einer der ganz wenigen Staaten, die das metrische System nicht offiziell eingeführt haben. Das alte Imperial System hält sich auch hartnäckig in Großbritannien. So konvertieren Sie inch, foot und yard.

The vast majority of the world’s population uses metric. The only nations which remain officially non-metric are Liberia, Myanmar (Burma) and the USA. The UK adopted the metric system years ago and it is used in science and industry, but you have to be prepared for people using the old “imperial system”, especially in ordinary day-to-day situations. This is what they are talking about:

1 inch (1”) = 25.4mm about the width of a thumb
1 foot (1’) = 305 mm about the length of a size 10 shoe
1 yard (3 feet) = 915 mm about from nose to stretched finger


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