Ist die Luft in Ihrem Büro gesund?

Is your office making you sick?

Die Luftverschmutzung im Büro kann höher sein als auf der Straße! So schaffen Sie Abhilfe – und verschönern Ihren Arbeitsplatz.

Many office buildings are sick, and they pass their illnesses on to us, according to the North American Space Association, NASA. Numerous studies conducted over the last 25 years have shown dangerous but common office toxins like formaldehyde and benzide to be on the increase. The Association identified over 107 known carcinogens in modern offices.

In fact, the American Environmental Agency says indoor air pollution, or “Sick Building Syndrome”, is one of the world’s greatest health risks. One of the reasons our buildings are becoming sick is the switch from open windows to energy-efficient living. So if you work in a state-of-the-art building, you could be exposed to more pollutants than on the street outside!

But there is good news for all ofyou with green fingers. NASA’s scientists have discovered that we can substantially reduce the health risk by bringing live plants into our offices. Plants can suck dangerous chemicals out of the air, absorb office pollutants into their leaves and transmit the toxins to their roots,
where they are transformed into a source of food.


Tips for buying and tending plants

  • The ideal position for a plant is within your personal breathing zone – the area of six to eight cubic feet where you spend most of your working day.
  • Before buying a plant, make sure you know where you wantto put it and that it will get sufficient sunlight.l Buy from a reliable source andask how to care for the plant.
  • If there is an unkempt office plant somewhere in the corner, do something about it. Mould on plants can irritate asthma, cause headaches and affect concentration.


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