In 4 Schritten zum perfekt aufgeräumten Schreibtisch

4 steps to a happy desk

Ein schön aufgeräumter Schreibtisch sieht immer professionell aus. Wichtig ist aber, das Ihr Schreibtisch gut funktioniert. So schaffen Sie es, dass Ihr Schreibtisch nicht nur aufgeräumt, sondern auch praktisch ist.

A clutter-free desk always looks good. And it should also be more pleasant to sit at. But a neat-looking desk can be uncomfortable and function badly. Is your desk tidy but “unhappy”? Here are 4 tips to a happier desk.

1 Put frequently used items in easy reach

This is such basic advice that we often forget it! Put all the items you need frequenetly in your “fingertip storage” area so you can reach them without standing up, bending over or swivelling in your chair.

2 Look at right-hand / left-hand positioning

If you’re right-handed, place your phone on your left side and vice versa. Your dominant hand is now free to take notes find things on your computer without juggling the handset.


3 Don’t put non-function items in your work area

Do you have family photos, a picture of your dog or other bits and pieces on your desk? Move them onto a shelf or sideboard. You can still admire them, but you’ll have more work space.

4 Stow items you seldom use in drawers

If you don’t use paper clips, your stapler or hole punch very often, they don’t  need to be on your desktop. Move them to a handy deskdrawer.


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