Do you still need your fax machine?

Die Tage des Faxgeräts sind gezählt. Immer mehr Firmen verschicken Informationen nur in elektronischer Form. Lesen Sie, ob auch Ihr Faxgerät ins Museum gehört und wie Sie es ersetzen können.

In many offices, fax machines are still used for purchasing procedures, where signed agreements or order forms are needed. In others they are
needed for sending newspaper articles or photos, or for sending immediate
responses to letters in the form of comments on the original correspondence. But new technology means that companies can integrate electronic signatures into online customer agreements. A physical signature is no longer necessary in the sales process. And newspaper articles, photos and letters can be scanned into your computer.

According to industry experts, the fax machine will soon be a part of history, languishing in a dusty museum. But when is it time to call it a day and gently let your fax go without damaging good customer relations? Ask yourself these three questions to see if it’s time to replace your fax.

  1. How often is it used and how many of those communications could be done electronically?
  2. What does the fax cost you? Work out the price of paper, phone lines, modems, long-distance charges, toner, repairs and so on.
  3. How many working-hours are spent transferring information, such as order details, customer data or shipping terms, into electronic form?


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If you decide it makes sense to put your fax out to grass, think about how to change procedures without disrupting service.

Here are some tips:

  1. Implement changes gradually, not overnight.
  2. Launch an online ordering system and make sure it is easy for your current customers to use.
  3. Establish new procedures for handling and processing email or online orders.