Die acht Grundsätze der Zeitplanung

The eight principles of scheduling

Ihr Chef ist länger als geplant in einer Besprechung. Sie müssen nach Hause, aber Sie werden noch gebraucht! Organisieren Sie seinen und Ihren Tag so, dass Sie pünktlich Feierabend machen.

1. Don’t arrange open-end meetings.
They may never end.

2. Schedule the beginning and end of appointments.
Tell people when you expect their appointment to end.

3. Arrange meetings back-to-back.
If a scheduled appointment ends at 9:30, plan the next for 9:45. This gives your
boss a breather without wasting time.

4. Make an appointment for yourself.
If your boss never has time for you, make an appointment for yourself.

5. Bring the deadline forward.
If a project is due on a Monday, schedule it for Friday.

6. Schedule more time than necessary.
If you finish early, all the better.

7. Use your peak energy time.

Find and use your personal peak – Early morning? Late afternoon? – for difficult tasks.

8. Don’t over-schedule.

Block off under fifty percent of the week.


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