Computer corner - Tipps und Tricks für Sekretärinnen rund um den Computer

In vielen Situationen arbeiten Sie mit der Tastatur schneller als mit der Maus. Besonders nützlich sind die Funktionstasten F1 – F12. Nur kaum jemand arbeitet damit. Doch es lohnt sich, die wichtigsten Funktionen kennen zu lernen und das Heute ausnahmsweise einmal in Englisch.

So benutzen Sie die Funktionstasten, um effektiver zu arbeiten:

We’ve all seen those 12 function keys, F1 – F12 on the keyboard. But how many of us use them to get our tasks performed more easily? Some of us never touch these keys. But they can be very useful. Use these tips to perform functions faster when you are working in Word.

F1 will give you the help menu for Word
Strg + F2 will give you a print preview of your document. You can check that your page breaks are okay and that the document as a whole looks good.
F5 opens a dialog box that allows you to search and replace words. It’s great if you’ve spelled a name incorrectly, or if you have to find a certain figure.

Watch out for more useful shortcuts in future issues of Secretary Today.

You have written your text, then you want to capitalize the first letter of a word or a number of words. Nothing more simple! Just move your cursor to the word in question, press SHIFT + F3. The first time you press F3, the first letter of the word or phrase will be capitalized, the next time you press F3, the whole word or phrase.