Bleiben Sie gesund: So beugen Sie Thrombose wirksam vor

4 tips to avoid the risk of thrombosis at your desk

Verbringen Sie täglich viel Zeit an Ihrem Schreibtisch ohne aufzustehen? Dann sollten Sie wissen, dass damit Ihr Risiko steigt, an Thrombose zu erkranken. So beugen Sie einer Erkrankung wirksam vor.

Sitting at a desk can increase the risk of thrombosis as much as long haul flights, according to scientists at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand. The risk is particularly high for anyone spending over three hours at a stretch at their desks, the scientists say.

Use these four tips to sink the risk of you suffering from thrombosis.


1. Get up from your desk and regularly stretch your legs.

2. Use an ergonomic foot-rest.

3. Use the stairs instead of taking the lift.

4.While you are seated, circle your feet from the ankle and move them up and down.


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