7 Tipps um positive Stimmung in Ihrem Büro zu schaffen

7 steps to positive mental attitude in the office

Warum sind manche Menschen immer so optimistisch, während andere immer nur das Negative sehen? Was viele Menschen nicht wissen ist, dass eine positive Einstellung erlernbar ist. Hier sind sieben Tipps, die Ihnen helfen werden, Ihre Einstellung langfristig auch im Büro zu ändern.

There was once a little girl who always had such a positive attitude, she used to drive her brother crazy. She was always optimistic. Her brother was just the opposite. Once, on her birthday, he couldn’t stand her optimism any longer. He went to the local stables and filled a box with horse manure. He thought this would at last stop her smiling all the time. He gift-wrapped the box and gave it to her as a present. “Wow,” she said when she opened it, “and where’s the pony?”


Why do some people have such a positive attitude and others such a negative one? You can do a lot to improve your own attitude. Try these seven tips to gain a more optimistic outlook on life.


1 Decide for yourself

When you wake up, you can make a conscious decision whether your day is going to be great or dreadful. Say to yourself, “This day is going to be really good, I can just feel it!”


2 Visualise success

When you have to do something difficult, picture yourself being successful. Musicians and athletes do this. They see themselves in the charts or winning a major sporting award.


3 Measure your own progress

Far too often we make comparisons between our own actions and other people’s. “I’ll never be as good as Joan,” or “I’m never going to get as good as Mandy.” Instead of comparing yourself with others, measure your own progress. For instance, say “I can do this better than last week,” or “I’ve made progress here.”


4 Resist negative influences

According to marketing experts, if someone has a negative experience with a company, they tell an average of nine people. If someone has a good experience, they tell only two.

So there are a lot of negative stories being told and not many positive ones. But when you hear a negative story, you are only hearing part of the truth. Instead of believing everything you hear, check for yourself. Don’t let negative people drag you down to their level.


5 Take pride in your work

An old saying goes, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Take pride in everything you do, no matter how large or small. Taking pride does not mean boasting about how good you are, just knowing you have done your job well.


6 Embrace change

Many of us resist change. We’ve been getting along fine, why should we start doing something differentty? But the world is changing so quickly, we have to adapt. Keeping an open mind and learning to be adaptable is the only way to deal with change. After all, in most cases there is little we can do to stop it happening.


7 Do something healthy

Do something healthy to make yourself feel better. Leave the car in the garage and ride your bike to work.  Choose a salad for lunch in the canteen, drink herbal tea instead of so much coffee. If you take care of your body, you will automatically feel more positive.


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