4 Tipps um mit einem chaotischen Chef besser zu arbeiten

4 tips for working with a disorganised boss

Haben Sie einen schlecht organisierten Chef? Ob seine Unordnung chronisch oder sporadisch ist, mit diesen vier Tipps kommen Sie mit dem Chaos klar.

Is your bossmessy and disorganised some or all of the time? Whether the disorganisation is chronic or occasional, here are four tips to help you survive.


1 Accept that disorganisation is inevitable

Every office or project goes through a busy period when it’s not possible to get everything filed and tidied away. If your boss is normally disorganised and is just going through a period like this, block off a couple of hours when everything has calmed down to get things back to normal. If your boss is always disorganised, you’ll have to accept it and take on the challenge of organising both of you.


2 Aim for small successes

Don’t try and change everything at once. Aim for small wins. For example, ask your boss at the beginning of the working day if there are any schedule changes you should know about.


3 Keep systems simple

Busy managers often have neither the time nor the inclination to keep up to date on the latest organisation systems. You may love the latest electronic technology, but your boss might just want to see things on paper. Trying to convert himor her to your way of thinking is probably a waste of time.


4 Keep your own workspace organised

Nevermind howchaotic your boss’s office is; keep your area as tidy and well organised as possible.Make sure you are in control of your ownwork station and documents, so you can produce your copy of that contract he or she can’t find without a compass!


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