Word: So schalten Sie die automatische Korrektur aus

Stop automatic changes in Word

Ärgern Sie sich immer, wenn Word automatisch jede Zeile mit einem Großbuchstaben beginnt? So schalten Sie die automatische Korrektur aus.

Does Word  randomly change the capitalisation of text in a document? AutoCorrect is to blame. As the name  indicates, AutoCorrect automatically corrects the spelling of commonly misspelled words.

But it also makes other changes, including capitalising the first letter in every sentence, every cell in an excel table and every line of text. Which can be very annoying when you are writing a list that begins with small letters.


This is how you switch off automatic capitalising

1. Select Extras,
2. pick ‘Autokorrektur’,
3. then uncheck any option that gets in the way of typing your text.


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