Word: So passen Sie die Rechtschreibprüfung auf neue Wörter an

Customize your spell checker

The spell checker on your computer is a useful tool. But it can be annoying when it stops every time you write a proper name or a foreign phrase. If these are names and phrases you use often, for example customers you deal with regularly, legal terms or product names, you can add them to your spell checker.

When the spell checker highlights a word it does not know, instead of clicking on ‘ignorieren’, click ‘hinzufügen’. The phrase or word will be added to the dictionary in your spell checker and it will be accepted next time you check the spelling of a document. But make sure to spell the word or phrase care-fully. If you make  , thiswill be added to your dictionary. Incorrectly spelledwords need to be deleted, and that takes time. So do it right the first time.


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