Word: So nummerieren Sie eine Liste nachträglich


How to make a list with numbers or bullets

Sie haben in Word eine Liste geschrieben und wollen sie nummerieren oder mit kleinen Aufzählungspunkten versehen. So geht das ganz einfach.

Numbered or bulleted lists are used extensively in many types of documents. If your list covers a sequence of steps that should be followed in order, you should number them. If you have a group of items that you want to highlight, but that don’t follow a set sequence, you usually use bullets.


This is how you do it.

1 Type your list.

Press Enter at the end of each item on the list. If an item is longer than one line, do not press  Enter but let the text run automatically to the next line. If you want to leave a line between the individual  points, press Shift+Enter.

2 Select all the items on the list.

3 Click on Format in the toolbar.

4 Select Nummerierung und Aufzählungszeichen.

5 Select Aufzählung or Nummerierung.

6 Select the type of numbering or bullets, or other symbols, you want to use.

7 Click OK. Your list will be automatically formatted.


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