Word: Diese Tastenkombinationen helfen Ihnen noch schneller zu arbeiten

Computer corner: Tipps und Tricks für Sekretärinnen rund um den Computer

How well-versed are you in using shortcuts in Word? You can really save yourself a lot of time if you don’t have to keep moving your hand to your mouse to right-click or highlight texts. Here are three very useful shortcuts.



I’m sure most of you already use this to save documents instead of clicking on ‘Datei’ and ‘Speichern’. 

But I know many people who do not, including some secretaries. It’s a mystery to me why so many people choose to ignore this most useful of shortcuts. Ah, you may say, I don’t need to save my documents manually; my computer does it automatically every five minutes. This may be so, but computers tend to crash or freeze, especially when you are copying and pasting from the web. Press STRG+S every time you paste something into your document to reduce the damage next time your computer crashes.



This saves you right-clicking on each red or green line when you make a spelling or grammar mistake. Press it and it will check spelling and grammar in the whole


STRG + 1, 5 or 2

Press STRG and one of these nubers to automatically space the paragraph to either single (1), 1.5 (5) or double-space (2).



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