Tastenkombinationen: Nutzen Sie die F4 - Taste für Ihre Zwecke!

Do you know what F4 can do for you?

Lernen Sie die unterschiedlichen Funktionen der F4-Taste kennen.

There are several uses for the F4 key on your keyboard. First of all, you can use it to close open application. Just make sure the programme you want to close is selected, then press Alt+F4 and that window will automatically close. If you are using one application that has many different documents within it, press Ctrl+F4 and just that one window closes, not the whole programme. You can also use  F4 if you want to shut down your computer. To do this, close all your programmes and press Alt+F4. That will bring up the “Turn off computer” box and you can go ahead and shut down your PC as usual.


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