Sparen Sie Zeit mit Tastenkombinationen

Word: Save time with shortcuts

Benutzen Sie Ihre Tastatur statt der Maus. So sparen Sie viel Zeit.

Have you ever wondered why some people use their computer mouse far less than others?  

They can open and close windows, select passages, enlarge or reduce font size and do lots of other amazing things in Word all from the keyboard.

Most of us know that the combination Strg + z will undo the last command. But the undo function is only one of many shortcuts that will save you time and effort.

Try these, or create your own shortcuts.  

Shortcuts for Word documents

Strg + a                select all items in a current file
Strg + c                copy a selected page or section
Strg + v                paste
Strg + Pos1          go to the top of a document
Strg + Ende          go to the end of a document
Strg + 9                enlarge selected text
Strg + 8 or <         reduce selected text
Strg + p+return    print document
Strg + s                save changes in document
Strg + n                open a new document
Strg + f                 search for a word within a document
Alt + tab key         switch between two documents

You can create your own shortcuts like this:

Go to EINFÜGEN and click on SYMBOL. Choose a symbol you need to use regularly, e.g. a bullet (•). 

Select the symbol, click on TASTENKOMBINATION and choose a combination such as Strg + b. Now, whenever you need to use a bullet, you just press Strg + b.


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