So werden Sie Cookies aus Ihrem Computer los

How to get rid of cookies on your computer

Ein Cookie ermöglicht es einem Web-Server, auf Ihren Computer Information zu hinterlegen. Sie können sich ein Cookie wie einen elektronischen „Krümel“vorstellen, und Sie sollten diese Krümel manchmal entfernen. So machen Sie Ihren Computer krümelfrei.

A cookie is a message given to your web browser by a web server. Your browser stores the message in a text file and sends it back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.
Cookies are like little crumbs that are left behind on your computer after you visit a website. They are useless, and you should remove them as in time they take up a lot of disk space.


This is how to remove those little crumbs from your computer.

1 Click on Start, then  Control Panel and Internet Options.
2 The second row down will say Delete Cookies.

3 Click on that, then on Delete Temporary File.

Your computer is now cookie free.


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