So finden Sie bereits besuchte Webseiten wieder

How to find a web page that you visited a few weeks ago

Sie haben vor einiger Zeit eine interessante Webseite gefunden, können sich aber nicht mehr daran erinnern, wo sie war? So finden Sie die Seite ganz einfach wieder.

Have you ever found an interesting web page, wanted to return to it, but forgotten where it was?

Internet Explorer 6 automatically records the web pages you visit. Each day, it organises them alphabetically in folders on the History Bar . The records are stored for 20 days and you can increase or decrease this number. Here’s how youfind pages in the History List.


  1. On the Internet Explorer toolbar, click the History button. Explorer opens the History bar on the left side of the screen.

  2. In the History bar , click the time period you want to search.

  3. Click the web site folder to open the list of pages, then click the link to the page to display the web page you have been looking for.

  4. When you’ve finished, click the Close button.

  5. If you want to delete a page from the History list, right-click a web site folder or web page and click Delete.

To change the number of days that visited pages are tracked:

  1. In the Tools menu on Internet Explorer, click Internet Options
  2. On the General tab, under History, change the number of days and click OK.


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