So arbeiten Sie schneller und effektiver mit AutoText


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Make AutoText work for you

Arbeiten Sie mit AutoText? Wenn nicht, sollten Sie es unbedingt ausprobieren, denn Sie schreiben damit schneller und effektiver.

Word has a very useful feature called AutoText that offers to complete common words or phrases for you when you begin to type them. For example, if you are typing the months of the year, when you type Nove, a little pop-up box appears with the whole word November. You just have to press ‘enter’ and Word will write the whole month for you.


Make AutoText really pay its way by creating your own entries. For instance, if you regularly have to typeyour name, your address, a legal clause or a complicated web address, simply store it in AutoText and recall it whenever you need it with just a few keystrokes. Here’s how to create your own AutoText entry.


1 Type and format your text.
2 Select it, including any paragraph marks or spaces at the end.
3 Click ‘Einfügen’ and ‘AutoText’, then choose ‘neu’. When Word presents you with the AutoText dialogue box, type a logical name for your new entry in the
‘Name für AutoText-Eintrag’ entry field. Your name has to be at least four characters long so that Word can recognize it later.  (If you use a Mac, you don’t have to give your entry a name).
4 Click OK.


To use your new AutoText entry, begin typing the name you assigned it. For example, if you want to store Secretary Today, you might choose the name ‘ssss’. 

Once you’ve typed ‘ssss’, the pop-up box appears. Press ‘enter’ and Word writes ‘Secretary Today’ for you. If the AutoComplete pop-up appears when you don’t want it, just continue typing and it will disappear.


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