Leeren Sie den Cache - Ordner und machen Ihren Computer schneller

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Speed up your computer by cleaning out your cache file

Trödelt Ihr Computer während der Arbeit und beim Hochfahren? Vielleicht sollten Sie den Cache-Ordner leeren. So gehen Sie am besten vor.


Is a page you open not displaying new content, or is your computer not as fast as it used to be? Perhaps you need to empty your cache file.

The cache file is a file that stores all the internet pages you view. The purpose is to speed things up next time you visit the same internet site. But you have probably visited hundreds of sites you will never need again. If you don’t remove them from your cache file, your browser has to search through an ever increasing number of web pages to find the one you are looking for.


Keep your cache file up to date by not accumulating so much in the first place. To do this, set the parameters in your browser to delete the history of pages you have visited after a defined time period. The steps you have to take depend on your browser. In Mozilla’s Firefox, for example, click on Tools (Werkzeuge), Options (Optionen) and Privacy (Privatbereich). Then click on History (Verlauf) and select the number of days you want to store pages. In the Internet Explorer, you click “Tools”, then “Internet Op- tions” from the drop-down menu. You will find “Browsing History” under the “General” tab.


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