4 Regeln für eine gute Internetrecherche

The four golden rules of internet searches

Als Sekretärin oder Assistentin recherchieren Sie auch Informationen im Internet. Wahrscheinlich nutzen Sie www.google.de. So kommen Sie mit Google schneller ans Ziel.

Use these four tips to make Google work for you.

1 If you are looking for more than one word or phrase

Just type them in. Google will automatically find all documents with the information you are looking for .

2 If you are looking for a whole or part of a sentence

Put the words or sentences in quotation marks – “business English for secretaries” or “Secretary Today”. Google will look for documents with exactly this phrase.

3 You want to omit words

To omit a word, put a minus sign (–) or ‘NOT’ in front of it. For example ‘handy-mobil’ or ‘handy NOT mobil’.

4 You are looking for a word with American and British spelling

Put ‘OR’ between the words. For example: ‘Globalisation OR Globalization’.

5 Choose your language

Choose the language you want your results to be in by clicking the appropriate field below the search box. Further, you can choose to select German language pages by clicking on ‘Nur Seiten auf Deutsch’ beneath the search box.


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