Was genau ist Spam?

Natürlich kennen Sie Spam. Aber wissen Sie, woher das Wort stammt?

Every day 12.4 billion Spam mails – forty percent of all emails – are sent worldwide. Nobody is absolutely sure why this annoying mail is called Spam.
The most popular theory is that it is named after the same-named brand of luncheon meat, ‘Frühstücksfleisch’ in Germany. Like SPAM luncheon meat, it is cheap and nobody really likes it, the story goes.

Make sure your emails to customers or business partners are not rejected as Spam by mail servers by avoiding the following in your subject line:

  • question marks and exclamation marks – ? !
  • unusual characters, e.g. $, @
  • worlds like ‘only’, ‘free‘, guaranteed‘, ‘hello‘, ‘hi‘, ‘your invoice‘
  • G a p p y t e x t


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