Wählen Sie die richtige Schlussformel

Write perfect greetings and complimentary closes

Mit der Anrede und der Schlussformel hinterlassen Sie den ersten wichtigen Eindruck beim Empfänger Ihrer Briefe. So sorgen Sie dafür, dass dieser Eindruck perfekt ist.

Greetings and complimentary closes are the first and last things you say in a letter. So make sure you leave a good impression.


A general rule is

Dear Sirs (impersonal)      = Yours faithfully / Truly yours
Dear Mr Jones (personal)  = Yours sincerely / Sincerely

Ms is used for married and unmarried women. It is the best way to address a woman, in both UK and US English. Always use it unless a woman expressly wishes to be called Mrs or Miss. Some women put the title they want to be addressed by after their name when they write a letter (Angela Forsdike (Mrs) Sarah McIlwaine (Ms)).


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