So vermeiden Sie veraltete, englische Geschäftskorrespondenz

How to avoid the top three outdated phrases in business writing

Umgangsformen in der Geschäftswelt werden immer lockerer, doch umständliche Formulierungen halten sich leider hartnäckig. Hier sind die drei schlimmsten Redewendungen. Meiden Sie sie und verblüffen Sie Ihre britischen und amerikanischen Geschäftspartner mit Ihrem zeitgemäßen Business English.

“Per our conversation, enclosed please find our latest catalogue”. Would you say this to a customer? Most certainly not! It would sound very silly. But you have probably received – and maybe even written – phrases like this. According to the San Francisco Examiner, executives say that 14 percent of every working week is lost through bad communication. This amounts to some seven weeks a year for each manager!


We live in a high-tech world, but all too often we hide behind formal phrases when we write business letters. But your letter creates an image of your company in your reader’s mind. A good letter is easy to read and understand and makes you want to read more. A rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t say it to the person personally, you shouldn’t say it in a letter.


Here are the top three outdated phrases:

1 Enclosed please find …

2 Please be advised that …

3 If you should have any further questions, please do not  hesitate to contact me.


And here are some up-to-date alternatives:

1 I’m sending you some information about our product line.

There is no need to say ‘please’. You are not requesting anything, but sending something.


2 We have shipped your goods and you should receive themwithin the next five days.

This gets straight to the point. Instead of telling your reader you are going to tell them something, just go ahead and tell them.

3 If you need any more information, please call me.

This is much more direct and personal. Use these phrases and be on the forefront of the current, more direct style of business writing.


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