So verfassen Sie erfolgreiche Werbebriefe

How to write a sales letter

Werbebriefe sind dafür geeignet, bestimmte Produkte oder Dienstleistungen an einen ausgewählten Kundenkreis zu verkaufen. So helfen Sie Ihrem Chef, professionelle und Erfolg versprechende Werbebriefe zu verfassen.

A sales letter aims to sell a particular good or service to a selected group of customers. When you write a sales letter you are aiming at persuading your potential customers that they not only want your products or services but that they also need them.


The trick is to take something attractive and at the same time make it seem necessary.

When you usually write a sales letter, you are writing to a large circle of people. There could be hundreds of names on the mailing list, but every single person who reads it should think it was written just for them.


Successful sales letters follow the AIDA principle – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

This means

  • They grab your attention and make you want to read them.
  • They hold your interest.
  • They make you desire, or want the product or service
  • They induce action – in other words, they make you go out and buy it.


Here are some examples of sentences in sales letters written according to the AIDA principle:


Do you hate ordering office supplies? Do you always have problems choosing equipment? Do you find it difficult to work out the total costs of stationery? If the answer is yes, this letter is for you.


Our office supplies have been carefully designed with you, the modern secretary or PA, in mind. We can help you optimise your storeroom and choose the most up to date equipment on the market.


We can send you all goods on approval. We are sure you will be absolutely satisfied with every product you order. Our equipment is manufactured according to the latest standards, and designed by a creative young team.


Return the enclosed postcard now and we will offer you a special discount. This is your order number.


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