So schreiben Sie Pressemitteilungen, die garantiert ankommen

How to make your press release stand out from the crowd

Ihre Firma hat ein tolles neues Produkt entwickelt oder einen wichtigen Preis gewonnen. Klar, dass das in die Zeitung kommen soll. So schreiben Sie eine Pressemitteilung, die garantiert beim Redakteur ankommt.

Business editors receive dozens of press releases a day. Make sure yours gets the attention it deserves by following these guidelines.


Apply the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple)

Keep sentences short and language simple so the editor understands everything the first time. Two A4 pages are good, one A4 page is better.


Remember the five Ws  

The five Ws – Who? What? Where? When? and Why? – are the most important facts. They go in the first paragraph.



McKenzie Candy has announced plans to build a chocolate factory in Remagen, Germany. Production is planned for May 2007. The plant will support the company’s growth in Europe.  


Put in a quote from an important person

Editors like to spice up their stories with quotes, preferably from someone high up in the company.

Example: European president Ken Woods says “Remagen is an ideal location for distributing our world-famous chocolate specialities throughout Europe.”


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