So schreiben Sie perfekte Rechnungen und Begleitschreiben auf Englisch

How to write an invoice

Viele Firmen beklagen sich über die Zahlungsmoral ihrer Kunden. Mit einer professionell erstellten Rechnung haben Sie bessere Chancen, dass Ihr Kunde pünktlich zahlt. So schreiben Sie perfekte Rechnungen und Begleitschreiben auf Englisch.

In today’s economy, many businesses find that invoices are not being paid as quickly as in the past. You have a better chance of the customer paying punctually if your invoice is clear and professional.



Use these guidelines for perfect invoices and cover letters.

Always include the terms of payment. Unless otherwise stated, customers should pay invoices within 15 or 30 days. The key to receiving payment in this time is to mutually agree with your clients on a payment schedule.

This agreement is stated in your Terms and Conditions, also sometimes called Terms of Trade. They are designed to protect your rights, limit your liabilities and provide you with some security.


Your terms and conditions cover:

  • price
  • quality
  • delivery arrangements
  • payment terms – if you don’t agree to a set period, the law states a default period of 30 days
  • your right to charge interest on late payments and claim times called Terms of Trade. They are designed to protect your rights, limit your liabilities and provide you with some security.


Make your terms binding. Make sure your customer understands and agrees to your terms and conditions. Put them on your estimate or quotation and on your order confirmation, and, of course, on the invoice.


When to write a covering letter with an invoice

You don’t normally send a covering letter with an invoice, particularly when you send the invoice with the goods. If it is sent separately, you can enclose a short covering note. You should also send a covering note if you are asking for cash in
advance, which may be the case with a new customer or when you are not sure the customer will pay on time.
Here are two examples:


a) Regular customer

Dear Sir or Madam


Our invoice number FL15 is enclosed covering the Christmas goods you ordered on 10 October.

These goods have been packed ready for despatch and are being sent to you, carriage paid, by rail. They should reach you within a few days.


Yours faithfully


b) Non-regular customer

Dear Sir/Madam


We are pleased to enclose our invoice number JS2006/145 for the Christmas goods your ordered on 12 October 2006.

The goods are available from stock and will be sent to you immediately we receive the amount due, namely £861.20.

Yours faithfully


Here are some terms of payment

Net monthly account
payment is due on the last day of the month following the
one in which the invoice is dated
Net 7
Payment is due seven days after invoice
Net 30 
Payment is due 30 days after invoice
End of month
21 MFI
21st of the month following invoice
1 per cent 10 Net 30
1 per cent discount if payment is received within ten days,
otherwise payment 30 days after invoice
Cash on delivery
Letter of credit
A documentary credit confirmed by a bank
Cash in advance


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