So schreiben Sie perfekte englische Auftragsbestätigungen

Business Englisch ist für Sie als Sekretärin ein nötiger Erfolgsfaktor. Doch leider stellen die englische Geschäftskorrespondenz, die Kommunikation am Telefon und die korrekte englische Rechtschreibung eine große Herausforderung für viele dar.

Holen Sie sich jetzt das Englisch-Standardwerk: "The Secretary's Handbook of Business Englisch" und profitieren Sie von unzähligen Beispielen, Musterbriefen und -bausteinen sowie Anleitungen und Profi-Tipps rund um die perfekte englische Kommunikation!


How to write an order confirmation

Geschäftsbriefe sagen viel über Ihre Firma aus. Versteht der Empfänger nicht genau, was Sie mit dem Schreiben bezwecken, ist die Geschäftsbeziehung schnell beendet. Beachten Sie diese Regeln, wenn Sie eine englische Auftragsbestätigung schreiben wollen. Dann gewinnt der Kunde direkt mit der Bestätigung einen guten Eindruck von Ihrer Firma.


How to confirm an order

You can confirm an order by letter or email. In either case, be sure to follow these guidelines.

  • Be accurate: check and double check what you have written before you send it.
  • Choose your tone carefully. Order confirmation letters should be brief and businesslike, but you may also wish to write with a more personal tone.
  • Send the confirmation within a few days of receiving the order.

This is what you include in an order confirmation

1. a reference to the order number and date
2. a confirmation of the type of goods or services ordered
3. if necessary, an amendment of the agreement
4. if you amended the order, suggestions for alternatives
5. any information about delivery delays
6. the delivery terms
7. if appropriate, any technicalities
8. any conditions to be fulfilled before the order is processed
9. a polite ending
10. a list of enclosures

Here are some useful phrases …

1 ... for referring to the order

  • Thank you for your order no. 123 of 1 June 2007.
  • We were delighted to receive the above mentioned order dated 15 May 2007.

2 ... for confirming the order

  • We are pleased to confirm your order 189 of 1 June 2007 for 25 copies of Good Business Writing by Gareth Keenan.
  • We are pleased to inform you that your order 555, as listed below, is being attended to.

3 ... for amending the order

  • We regret that we cannot supply you with the goods you require in such a short time.
  • They will be in short supply for another 4 weeks.
  • We are sorry to inform you that this article is out of stock.
  • We regret that we no longer produce this article.
  • Owing to rising labour costs, we regret that the prices quoted in your order are no longer valid.
  • We must draw your attention to the fact that we have to make an additional charge for special toolmaking.
  • We are unfortunately not able to make the reduction you ask for as our goods are already being sold at rock-bottom prices.
  • Since this is a repeat order, we are glad to give you a discount of 15%.

4 ... for suggesting alternatives

  • We suggest you purchase our B245 mobile phone instead of the older B239 model.
  • The new version is more sophisticated than its predecessor and also competitively priced.
  • We suggest substituting green handbags for the blue ones you ordered.

5 ... for telling the customer about a delivery delay

  • We must inform you that the goods will take longer to produce than we anticipated.
  • This is due to the unexpected high demand for solar cells in he first quarter of 2007.
  • This has come about because microscopes are in very high demand, which has delayed distribution.
  • We have made a record of your requirements and will be in touch with you as soon as wehave received further supplies.
  • We regret that we cannot guarantee delivery within the period of time requested.

6 ... for repeating or amending the terms of delivery

  • As stated in our previous correspondence, our prices cover delivery FOB Liverpool.
  • As agreed, delivery will be made CIF Frankfurt.
  • Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will ship the goods by truck.
  • We will have the parts ready for collection in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show.
  • We confirm that delivery will be made by air within 8 weeks.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to send the goods by air-freight due to security reasons.
  • We will notify your freight forwarders as soon as the goods are ready for collection.

7 ... for describing technicalities

  • We will strictly observe your packing instructions.
  • The boxes are numbered PDQ/5897A/Liverpool/1-12/EU and have been marked “To be collected”.
  • In accordance with your instructions, the containers are marked “Highly inflammable liquid”.
  • For your convenience, we are enclosing an order form for you to use when you place your next order.
  • We would be grateful if you would state the article numbers next time you place an order.

8 … for stating conditions that must be fulfilled

  • Please note that this order is subject to our General Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is enclosed.
  • Please arrange for the sum of $20,000 to be transferred to account no. 35899990 at theMoney Savings Bank.
  • We will process your order as soon as we recevie your deposit.

9 … for writing a polite ending

  • Thank you very much for yourcustom.
  • It is a pleasure to do business with you.
  • We trust that you will find our goods / services to your satisfaction.

10 … for mentioning enclosures

I am enclosing the / our

  • General Conditions of Sale
  • pro-forma invoice
  • (duplicate) Sales Agreement
  • contract of Sale
  • drafts
  • bill of exchange

Refusing an order

You may have to turn down an order. Here are some useful phrases for explaining why.

  • As a result of the small quantity ordered, we regret that we cannot fulfill your order.
  • Owing to a lack of raw materials, we cannot supply you with the silicon chips you ordered.
  • We are sorry that we are no longer in a position to provide the services you require on the terms outlined.

An order confirmation email with a difference

The American stationery company Knock Knock send out very amusing and personal confirmation emails. It may not be quite what you want to write, but it includes all the relevant information, and it’s more fun to read than most of the business correspondence I receive!

Dear Jean,
Rumor has it you just placed an order with Knock Knock.
Here’s what you got: (details of my order)
Here’s where it’s going: (my address)
Here’s who’s paying for it: (my contact information)
You placed the last order on February 15, 2007.
Your order number is (56789)
A detailed invoice can be viewed at …
If you have any questions about how long your order will take, please peruse our shipping policies.

Thank you for flying Knock Knock

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