So schreiben Sie perfekte Einladungen für Veranstaltungen

How to write invitations to events and functions

Ob Sie Mitarbeiter zum Sommerfest oder Kunden zu einer Messe einladen, mit diesen Tipps von Secretary Today gelingen Ihnen die Einladungen mühelos.

There are numerous events and functions that you have to invite people to in the course of the business year:

  •  the opening of a new subsidiary
  •  the introduction of a newservice
  • a party for staff
  • the retirement of a senior executive
  • a trade fair

In the English-speaking world, formal invitations to dinners, openings or retirements are usually printed on A5 or A6 high quality paper or cards.




At the end of English language invitations you will often find the letters RSVP. These stand for the French ‘Répondez s’il vous plait’, or ‘please reply’, which is the equivalent of the German UAwg (Um Antwort wird gebeten). There is no
English abbreviation for ‘please reply’.
If the occasion calls for a more personal invitation, write a letter on good quality paper.
Use these opening and closing phrases to make your invitation warm and professional at the same time.

Written invitations to business partners

Opening phrases
Closing phrases
A.J. Simpson cordially
invites you to attend
its Annual Summer Festival.

We hope that you and
your wife will do us the
honor of being our guests. Please let us know if you can join us.

It gives us great
pleasure to invite you
to be our guest at the 17th annual company
golf tournament.

We would be much
honored if you would

On 25 March PDQ Solutions will be celebrating its 50th
anniversary. Please join us in celebrating this happy day.
Please let me know whether you can come. It would be a real pleasure to see you.


Written invitations to staff

Opening phrases
Closing phrases

As you all know, Roy Tucker retires at the end of the year after over 25 years of valuable service. We would like to say goodbye to Roy with a barbecue and beer evening.

We’re all going to miss Roy and I hope you’ll all be there to give him a worthy send-off.

It takes a great deal of individual and collective energy to have a  successful year. As the financial year comes to a close, I would like to thank you for your hard work on be half of the company and invite you to celebrate with us.
It’s sure to be an
evening full of
surprises – come and let us entertain you!


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