So schreiben Sie Mahnbriefe, die garantiert beachtet werden

How to write collection letters

Es ist immer ärgerlich, wenn Kunden Ihre Rechnungen nicht zahlen. Ihre Zahlungserinnerungen sollten aber trotzdem freundlich klingen – auch auf Englisch. Mit den Tipps von Secretary Today gelingen Ihnen höfliche Zahlungserinnerungen und Mahnungen spielend leicht.

It is always annoying when a customer fails to pay promptly. But when you write to ask for payment, it is important that you don’t sound annoyed. If you know the customer, it’s a good idea to phone and askwhat the problem is before you write. When you write, choose your tone carefully.

There may be a good reason why the customer has not paid on time. But later payment can also be habitual. Each case has to be treated on its individual merits, but always politely. And even the final letter threatening legal action must be written ‘with regrets’.


The steps in debt collection are

1 a first reminder

2 a second reminder (collection letter)

3 a third reminder threatening legal action (final collection letter)

Specimen collection letters

First reminder

Dear .......
Account Number....

According to our records the  above account dated 3 April 2006 has not been settled.

Our accounts show the amount owing to be € 22,300. Of course, you may have overlooked our invoice, but as we have to meet our obligations punctually, we are dependent on receiving amounts owed within two weeks of invoice date, as stated in our terms of payment and delivery.

We are sure you will not think it unreasonable of us to ask for payment of this balance by  June 2.

Yours sincerely


Second reminder (collection letter)

On May 10 we sent you a reminder requesting payment of the overdue sum of € 22,300 by June 2.

Settlement of this account is now more than one month overdue. Therefore we must ask you to send us your remittance by June 30, or at least offer an explanation for the delay in payment.

Please disregard this letter if payment has been made in the meantime.


Third reminder (final collection letter)

In spite of our two reminders of May 10 and June 8 about the amount of € 22,300 due on 3 May, we have not heard from you. Your delay in payment is causing us considerable inconvenience as we have to meet our obligations

It is with the utmost regret that we have reached the stage where we must ask for immediate payment. Therefore, if you have not settled your account by the end of the month we will be forced to put the matter into the hands of our solicitors. Moreover, we will charge interest payable on arrears as from July 1.


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