So bestellen Sie eine Probelieferung richtig

Request for goods on approval

Sie möchten einen neuen Lieferanten für Bürobedarf ausprobieren und wollen eine Testbestellung aufgeben, damit Sie die Qualität prüfen können. So fragenSie höflich nach einer Probelieferung.

If you are considering buying new products from a company you have not done business with before, you can ask for goods to be delivered on approval. When you have tested them, you either send the unused goods back, or you keep the ones you want.

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Our ref: RK/jl                                                                              20 February 2006

Ms Alice Tong
Equinox Paper Supplies
No.4 Tangning Road,
Linping Town
Hangzhou City
Zhejiang Province


Dear Ms Tong

Request for goods on approval

I picked up your catalogue at the Inside Paper Trade Fair in Torquay in November 2005.
Before placing a firm order, I would be glad if you would send me a comprehensive selection of stationery including laser printer paper, file folders, Canon Image Runner laser and PAMP multifunction printer cartridges on 28 days’ approval. 

Any of the items that are unsuitable will be returned to you at my expense.

If quality and price are satisfactory, we would be interested in placing bulk orders for our office. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Robert Klein
Purchasing manager

This letter is written in British English


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