Kann man P.S. in einer E-Mail schreiben?

Can you write a PS in an email?

In der DIN 5008 ist ganz bewusst das Thema Postskriptum nicht festgelegt. Genutzt wird das PS im Deutschen. Aber können Sie auch in englischen E-Mails PS schreiben?

In pre-computer days, the PS, or postscript, was there to add something that had been forgotten in a typed letter . The PPS was used as a second afterthought. 

We don’t really need it now, but it is still very popular in emails to add something special at the end of a message. For example, “Look forward to seeing you next week. Regards – Alex. PS Don’t forget to ask Mary to come along.

PPS I’ll bring the photos from the last conference with me – they’re great.”


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