Geschäftsbriefe interessanter formulieren

Make your letters more interestingto read

Mit diesen simplen Tricks machen Sie Ihre Geschäftsbriefe interessanter.

If you want to make your business letters interesting, you should make them reader-friendly. The most exciting information makes dull reading if it is not presented clearly and concisely.
You can make your letters clear and concise by using the KISS principle – Keep It Short and Sweet. In other words – write  as much as  necessary and as little as possible.



This is how you do it:

  • Divide the letter into logical paragraphs.
  • Vary the length of paragraphs, and don’t make any of them too long.
  • Use an average 15 words per sentence.
  • Keep sentence structure and vocabulary simple and avoid band worm sentences with subordinate clauses.


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