Fühlen Sie sich ganz sicher beim Schreiben von Geschäftsbriefen?

How to feel confident when writing letters.

Fühlen Sie sich ganz sicher, wenn Sie Geschäftsbriefe schreiben?
Finden Sie es mit der folgenden Aufgabe heraus.


Test your letter-writing skills with this test. Only one of the words or phrases in bold is correct in these sentences. Do you know which?


1 Thank you for your letter from / of 23 November

2 We write / are writing to ask for more information about your products.

3 We are pleased to give / send you the information you requested.

4 If you have any questions, please contact us at / under the following telephone number.

5 I look forward to meet with / hearing from you soon.

6 Please get in touch with / make contact with me if you have any.


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1 – of, 2 – are writing, 3 – give, 4 – at, 5 – hearing from, 6 – get in touch with.