Fragen Sie nach Sicherheiten bei einer Bestellung

Asking for security before delievering

Hier ist Alice Tongs Antwort E-Mail an Robert Klein. So schreiben Sie, wenn Sie finanzielle Sicherheiten brauchen, dem potentiellen Kunden gegenüber aber nicht misstrauisch erscheinen wollen.

Here is the reply Alice Tong sent to Robert Klein. In it, she is seeking security by asking for references without sounding as if she doesn’t trust him.


To: Robert Klein

From: Alice Tong

Subj: Your request for goods on approval

Dear Mr Klein

I was very pleased to receive your request for goods on approval.

Since we have not previously done business together, you will understand that I must ask you to send us the usual trade references or the name of a bank we can refer to . As soon as these enquiries are satisfactorily settled we shall be happy to send you a representative selection of our products.

I sincerely hope that our first transaction will be the start of a long and pleasant business relationship.

Yours sincerely

Alice Tong


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