5 Tipps, damit Ihre Weihnachspost noch attraktiver wird

5 Tips for making your Christmas post more attractive

Nicht nur IhreWeihnachtspost, sondern auch die Art der Versendung müssen gut überlegt werden. Beachten Sie diese 5 Punkte, um Ihre Weihnachtskarten noch attraktiver zu machen.

Not only the message in your Christmas cards counts but also the way you write it. Make your Christmas messages even more welcome by following these 5 simple rules.


1 If the message on your Christmas cards is printed, add a short hand-written message. For example: “My very best wishes” or “Season’s greetings” before signing.

2 Make your Christmas cards more personal by writing the envelopes by hand. If your handwriting is not clear or not very nice, find a colleague who does have nice handwriting and ask her to write the envelopes for you.

3 Do not put your Christmas post through your franking machine. Postage stamps are much more attractive and they make your Christmas post more original.

4 Make your Christmas post even more attractive by using special Christmas stamps with winter scenes or by paying 25 cents extra for charity stamps (Wohlfahrtsmarken).

5 Buy your Christmas stamps well in advance, either in person at the post office or through the internet. If you wait until the last minute, you may find that the special postage stamps have sold out.


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