3 Tipps für außergewöhnliche Serienbriefe

Three tips to make your circular letters stand out from the crowd

So schreiben Sie professionelle, persönliche Serienbriefe, die beim Kunden garantiert ankommen.

You use circular letters to send the same information to a number of people. They are used mostly in sales campaigns and for announcing important business developments like changes of address or reorganisations.

To make sure people read your circular letters instead of just throwing them in the paper bin, follow these three tips:


1 Be brief.

People don’t have time for longwinded circular letters.

2 Make them as individual as possible.

Personalise each letter with the recipient’s name. Write Dear Mr Smith instead of Dear Reader. If you don’t know the recipient’s name, write Dear Customer in-
stead of Dear Sir or Madam.

3 Create the impression of  personal interest.

Use you instead of our customers. You will appreciate is better than Our customers will appreciate. We are pleased to inform you is better than We are pleased toinform all our clients.



Changes in a firm’s business arrangements are usually announced in a circular letter.


In this one, a company announces that is has opened a new branch office.

Dear Customer

Our volume of trade with the Kingdom of Jordan has been increasing rapidly. We have therefore decided to open a branch office in Amman. Mr Faisal Shamlan has been appointed as manager.

This new branch in your county will mean your orders and enquiries will be dealt with even more efficiently and promptly.

The branch opens on 1 August and from that date all orders and
enquiries should be sent to

Mr Faisal Shamlan
DPH Medical  Consulting
18 Hussein Avenue
Tel. (00962)6 - 214......
Fax. (00962)6 - 214....

We take this opportunity to express our thanks for your custom in the past and we hope that these new arrangements will lead to even higher standards in the service we provide.

Yours sincerely



In this one, a company announces that is has opened a new branch office.

Dear Customer

We wish to inform you that Miss Rosemary Smith, who has been our representative in the North-West of England for the past 8 years, has left our company.

In her place we have appointed Mr Steven Haines. Mr Haines has been a member of our sales team for many years and is thoroughly familiar with the needs of customers in your area. He intends to call on you this month to introduce himself and bring samples of our new summer giftware.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you.

Yours sincerely



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